Instagram Model Says She Sunbathes Her Pubic Area for Wellness

The trend has been making headlines for years

woman reading while sunbathing
Vitamin D for the vag is not a new concept though...
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A Brazilian model is making headlines for preaching the wellness benefits of vaginal sunbathing on Instagram after sharing a nude selfie on the platform.

“Nothing better than a morning sun,” Letícia Martins, AKA Lunna Leblanc, captioned the post, before going on to extoll the supposed wellness virtues of getting some vitamin D where the sun don’t normally shine.

“Did you know that exposing your private parts to the sun can provide you with more energy, increase your libido, improve circadian rhythm (which regulates the entire functioning of the human body) and still help you get a good night’s sleep?” the model wrote in Portuguese, according to the translation reported by the New York Post.

The post has attracted plenty of attention, as anything involving a Brazilian bikini model talking about her private parts is wont to do. However, all the hubbub surrounding this influencer’s vaginal sunbathing ways begs the question: I am the only one who remembers that Shailene Woodley started this trend six years ago?

Way back in the seemingly primordial year of 2014, Woodley made headlines for claiming she “like[s] to give [her] vagina a little vitamin D,” and encouraging other vagina owners to “spread your legs and get some sunshine.”

The comments, which Woodley originally made during an interview with Into the Gloss, were covered by a variety of publications including Shape, Jezebel, Cosmo, and Refinery 29. Three years later, Woodley’s vagina-sunning hack even got a brief shoutout in an episode of the final season of Girls.

But even if we can’t be expected to remember a trivial bit of pop culture from the first half of the last decade (admittedly, I’m not sure why I do remember it and I honestly wish I didn’t because it’s making me feel really old) there was also last year’s “perineum sunning” trend that briefly took over the wellness world. Surely we can at least remember that?

And yet here we are, a mere 12 months later, pretending an Instagram influencer just invented the concept of sunning your nether regions. How quickly we forget.

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