Internet | November 30, 2020 10:05 am

This Model Is Trying to Catch Cheating Boyfriends on Instagram

Paige Woolen is catching cheaters in the DMs

Paige Woolen is documenting cheating dudes in the DMs.
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A model in California is on a mission to “use the power of Instagram for good” by exposing cheating men who slide into her DMs.

Paige Woolen operates your standard Instagram modeling account filled with sexy bikini shots, but she also runs a side account, @dudesinthedm, where she documents rude, sleazy and otherwise inappropriate comments and messages she receives from thirsty men online in an attempt to expose their DM-sliding ways.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Woolen said she got the idea to pose as cheating boyfriend bait after noticing that many of the men who slid into her DMs with thirsty messages appeared to be in relationships.

“I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends,” Woolen told the UK-based outlet. “It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.”

The ploy worked on a few aspiring cheaters, one of whom replied he was “single enough” after Woolen messaged saying, “Just thought you were so so cute. Was hoping to meet up if you’re single of course.”

Ultimately, however, Woolen’s cheater trap seemed largely ineffective. “Most of them either didn’t answer or if they said something mean or informed me they had a girlfriend,” the model said in the interview. “Only a few lied and said they were single.”

The whole stunt raises a few key questions. Should it really be considered “cheating” to message an attractive stranger on the internet? Is our cultural obsession with condemning infidelity really just a reflection of the fundamental failures of monogamy? Is it Woolen’s prerogative to attempt to “expose” men as cheaters without knowing anything about those men, their relationships or their current situations? Is it fair to intentionally lure strangers on the internet into a compromising position under false pretenses and then expose them on a public forum?

Who’s to say! But according to Woolen, this was all done with the best of intentions: “I personally believe snitches get stitches but I felt like using the power of Instagram for good and helping out my female followers.”