Dan Bilzerian Will Pay You $5000 to Name His Presumably Awful Book

How has he not been cancelled yet?

Dan Bilzerian poses with models
Dan Bilzerian hangs out with a bunch of models who he definitely isn't paying to pretend to like him.
Getty Images for Palms Casino Re

Just when it seems like this year couldn’t get any more disturbing and insane, 2020 delivers yet another shocking twist: Dan Bilzerian, a walking Napoleon Complex with 31 million Instagram followers, is literate. Yes, Dan Bilzerian, the Pope for BangBros subscribers, is writing a book and is offering $5,000 to whoever can think of the best name for it.

A short man who clearly isn’t overcompensating for anything, the 39-year-old Bilzerian has become the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram,” thanks to a page stocked with naked women, machine guns and various combinations of the two. Bilzerian — supported by a trust fund established by his dad, a felonious corporate raider—first entered the public consciousness during the 2013 World Series of Poker, when a gif of a woman stroking his beard went viral. Since then, Bilzerian has devoted his life to the kind of gaudy, performative excess of a man who couldn’t understand The Wolf of Wall Street. Still, to a certain demographic (i.e. PIKE brothers and Tampa Bay club promoters), Bilzerian is the alpha-est alpha male, his tacky, toxic masculinity seeming like something worth aspiring to.

At the very least, his autobiography will be eventful. After all, this is a man who has allegedly kicked a woman in the face at Art Basel in 2014, been arrested on bomb-making charges making bombs and thrown a porn star off of a roof and broke her foot during a Hustler’s photo shoot; recently, Bilzerian has honorably admitted that he no longer likes to pay for sex. Most famously, Bilzerian live-vlogged the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. In a moment of mush-brained bravado, Bilzerian begs a cop for a gun so he can save the day. “No,” the cop responds, “get the fuck away from me now. I don’t know who you are.” 

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