Target’s New Men’s Grooming Line Includes Tattoo Salve and … Hops?

Goodfellow & Co. is coming for your bathroom. Here are our favorite products.

Goodfellow & Co. Men's Grooming Products
Target's men's brand Goodfellow & Co. now offers grooming products, from shampoo to tattoo salve.

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Goodfellow & Co., Target’s in-house men’s clothing and accessories brand, has been a hit since it launched two years ago. In fact, according to the company, “it’s on track to be a nearly $1 billion brand by 2020.” For us, stylistically, it’s been hit and miss. The wide-ranging offerings include subtly revolutionary dopp kits and basics in surprisingly covetable colors, but the low price point and mass appeal also mean that the quality can sometimes be lacking (both in terms of material and design).

The brand’s latest offering doesn’t seem to have that problem. Goodfellow & Co. now sells men’s grooming products which are both economical compared to other brands on the market (which is to be expected from Target) and built to address skincare and grooming needs that some other brands come up short on (which was less expected). 

The line launched back in May, but they’ve been slowly adding to the product range, with four colognes being one of the more recent additions. There’s the standard shampoo and body wash, but the unexpected crops up in the ingredients (like hops extract) and new product offerings (like tattoo salve). Plus, everything is under $20, which means you can test it out without feeling like you’re wasting your money if you decide it’s not for you and you have to pawn it off on a friend.

To help you pick out which ones to test, we’ve highlighted the most intriguing concoctions below.

target goodfellow & co. men's cologne
Looking for a new scent? Try Goodfellow & Co.’s blue sage & tonka bean mixture. (Target)

No. 01 Blue Sage & Tonka Cologne

Goodfellow offers traditionally masculine scents like cedarwood, sandalwood and even rum, but if we ever swerve from our tried-and-true scents, it’s going to be for the “herbaceous blue sage cutting through the creamy-spicy, almondine scent of tonka bean.”

Fragrance-Free Tattoo Salve
Got tattoos? Goodfellow & Co. now makes a salve just for you. (Target)

Fragrance-Free Tattoo Salve

A gentle tattoo-specific balm, something you don’t see in traditional grooming lineups. Use as much as you need after getting inked — it’s unscented.

Goodfellow Target Face Wash
I don’t know about you, but papaya extract is exactly what we want to wash our faces with. (Target)

No. 05 Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash

Instead of scrubbing your face to death with walnut shells, use this merciful combination of rice extract, shiitake extract, lemon extract, papaya extract and vitamin C.

Target Goodfellow Shampoo
Never used mint grooming products? Try this shampoo, then grab mint soap, face wash, moisturizer … (Target)

No. 03 Moroccan Mint & Cedar Shampoo

Is mint the most underrated scent in the grooming game? Yes, but this shampoo includes something even better: hops extract (yes, like the kind in your beer). 

Target Goodfellow Hair Car Fiber
If you’re looking to cut down on the shine of your hair, try this matte fiber from Goodfellow. (Target)

No. 01 Blue Sage & Tonka Texturizing Fiber

Not ready to commit to the scent in cologne form? Try this strong styler with a matte finish.

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