Give Your Dad the Gift of Aēsop for Father’s Day

From shaving kits to beard oil Aēsop is a go-to gift for Father's Day

May 28, 2024 11:58 am
Aēsop products on a green watercolor background
Aēsop has you covered for Father's Day gifts this year.
Aēsop, Getty

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We all know and love the coveted body care brand Aēsop. They’ve got top-notch quality products that are commonly found in the homes of individuals who have their lives together. From their luxurious hand soaps to sophisticated shaving kits they’ve got it all. If you’ve ever walked into an Aēsop store to test some of their products first hand, you know that from start to finish its a magnificent olfactory experience; and if you haven’t, we recommend checking that out asap.

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But whether you know Aēsop from your rich aunt’s house or your eclectic friend’s loft apartment, there’s no denying that the products make a great gift — especially because they often sit at a price point that can be hard to justify purchasing for yourself on a regular basis. With Mother’s Day come and gone and Father’s Day just around the corner, gifts should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind because parents deserve some love and respect…and a break. And if you can’t take them out on a luxurious spa retreat to thank them for their lifetime service then Aēsop is a close second.

The brand has a roundup of Fathers Day gift items on their website and think you ‘ought to take a look. We’ve listed for you below some of the more notable pieces in their Father’s Day roundup this year, but per the usual, feel free to take a look at the entire gift selection they have set on their site here.

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