Ever Wish Your Drone Could Take You to Work?

This octocopter may look like a toy, but it definitely is not

June 5, 2017 9:00 am

What do electric-hybrid pickup trucks and electric-hybrid helicopters have in common, other than giving gas company executives nightmares?

American tech company Workhorse Group makes both of ’em, and you’ll be able to buy them very soon.

After revealing their W-15 Electric Pickup Truck last month, Workhorse is already back in the hybrid-electric saddle with the announcement of the SureFly, a two-seat personal helicopter with VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) capabilities that can hit a top speed of up to 70 MPH.

Equipped with eight independent motors that each power a carbon fiber propeller, the battery-powered octocopter has a range-extending gas engine that allows it to cover 70 miles and the ability to hit a max altitude of 4,000 feet. Even better, the copter fits in a regular garage.

SureFly (4 images)

SureFly could become the “greenest, fastest and most economical way to travel,” Workhorse CEO Steve Burns previously told Geekwire. “It’s safe, it’s going to cost less than a Tesla, and it’s going to fit in your garage. And it’s less expensive to go, as the crow flies, from here to the airport, than any other mode of transportation.”

If all goes to plan, the SureFly — which is designed to appeal to emergency workers, military personnel and commuters — will start testing later this year and gain FAA approval by 2019.

The copter concept will be officially unveiled later this month at the International Paris Air Show. Curious flyers can stay in the know here.

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