You Know You Want to Build a Tiny Wooden City

The world isn't flat. Your jigsaw puzzle shouldn't be, either.

April 28, 2017 9:00 am

Here’s a pro tip on the art of gift giving: buy good gifts when you see them and shelve them for later dates. This will make your life way easier, especially during the holidays, when the last thing you need is one more item on your to-do list.

And if you’ve got kids — or, hell, just know people who do — get them this: Wooden Cities.

These 3D puzzles are made of laser-cut wood that arrive in sheets. You punch them out and erect them in about eight hours, but you’ll enjoy them for much longer: you can actually crank them and watch everything lurch inot motion (see video above). There are also hidden compartments that make for clever places to keep keys, money or jewelry (aka, other gifts).

wooden cities (4 images)

Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift. This is a Kickstarter,  which means by the time it finally arrives, you’ll likely have forgotten that you made the purchase.

And everyone knows surprises make the best gifts.

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