Woman Drops iPhone Out of Plane. iPhone Survives.

Your move, Samsung

August 8, 2016 9:00 am

Apparently you’re dropping your iPhone wrong.

A Canadian woman named Jeannine Buck was taking pictures from a Cessna plane above Vancouver last week when the wind grabbed her iPhone 5s.

Feeling lucky, Buck returned to the area on foot the next day and, using the “Find My Phone” feature, found the uncracked phone in working order.

As she noted excitedly on Facebook: “Found my phone in the middle of the forest in Stanley Park after dropping it 2500ft from a plane. Haha! Yay!!!!!”

The phone has only minor damage and works fine. And Buck learned a valuable lesson.

“I won’t be taking pictures on a plane beside an open window ever again, that’s for certain!”

In not so good news, Buck “threw up 30 secs after we landed” and didn’t make much of an impression on her wingman. “The pilot retreated from the story altogether and told me he ‘wasn’t feelin’ it.’ It was a blind date. Too funny! Such a Pisces thing to say. Haha!”

Sure. Definitely the Pisces thing.

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