Welcome to The Goods 2.0, Our New Home for Product Coverage

Reviews, insights and discounts on the products that help you navigate the world a little more confidently

November 8, 2021 1:50 pm
Welcome to The Goods 2.0
Welcome to The Goods 2.0
Gabriel Serrano

Hello there, loyal InsideHook reader. Upon visiting the site today, you may notice some fairly significant changes — most notably that, in the spirit of representation, we finally decided to let our own Kirk Miller share with you his long-held and frankly foolish opinion that saxophone solos have no place in pop music

But if you’re still with us despite that, allow me to point you in the direction of our newly relaunched Goods section, the part of our website where we write about the products — from fitness gear and personal electronics to clothing and travel accessories — we rely on every day and that, to some extent, influence how we interact with the world around us. 

Helping you make smarter purchasing decisions, whether that means advising you in building a vinyl setup that suits your needs and budget or telling you if you should really consider spending $300 on a cast iron pan, has long been a priority for us, and we believe this visual refresh and reorganization of those articles will enable us to do an even better job in achieving that goal. 

So let’s go over the main changes you’ll see. 

  • Take a look up there in the main navigation bar at the top of this page. Over on the right, you’ll notice that “The Goods” is its own item now. It’ll bring you to a page consisting solely of product coverage across all our main categories (no terrible anti-saxophone takes here, thank you very much). The page was built for flexible customization on our end, so we can more easily group articles together in the specific ways we think they’ll be most useful to you.

  • In that same navigation bar, you’ll also see a brand new section called “Deals.” As you are likely aware, our edit team has, for the past few years, spent their mornings dutifully scouring the internet for sales and discounts on the products we know you care most about. Because of the way our site was built, telling you about even one of those sales was sort of time-consuming, so we had to be more selective when choosing which ones to cover. Thanks to this redesign, though, we’ve got things streamlined in a way that we’re very proud of and that will allow us to offer upwards of three times as many deals per day.

  • And finally, these changes will be reflected in our daily Goods newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already). This is where your experience will differ most significantly: when you open up your email every day and you see a headline telling you that our favorite corduroy pants or chef’s knife is on sale and you’re as excited about it as we are so you decide to click on it, you’ll be taken directly to the merchant’s website, not to InsideHook. It’s not that we don’t want you visiting our site; we very much do, which is why we’ll be producing even more in-depth product coverage for you to sink your teeth into every single day. But if you just wanna buy a dope sweater that’s on sale? No problem, we’ll show you the way.

And that’s pretty much it! Take a look around, and by all means get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

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