A Watch That’ll Charge Your Phone. Now That’s Smart.

And you're telling us it also tells time? Get out!

March 30, 2017 9:00 am

The smartest thing your watch can do? Charge your phone.

A useful new product, the just-launched Uvolt watch harnesses solar energy and powers up a removable battery for your phone. A solar panel covers the face of the square watch, while a high density lithium-ion battery is tucked underneath and pops out when you need it, giving you a 30% boost.

The watch band itself also doubles as a second battery. (You can also charge the watch wirelessly through inductive charging and an included dock.)

If you’re looking for anything special from the watch, well, don’t. It tells the time and offers a clean, minimalist, admittedly boxy design (no apps or extra dials/buttons here). When the Uvolt team visited us this week, they pointed out this was purposeful, a design made for simplifying your life. Our suggestion: If you’re hiking for the day, camping for a weekend or hitting up a music fest, this’ll mean one less device to carry around.

Uvolt is available on Kickstarter this week, starting at $99. It’s available in four styles: black, white, silver and rose gold.

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