A Ukrainian Man Is Tracking Russian Troops With Apple’s Find My App

Soldiers looted his home near Kyiv. So Vitaliy Semenets tracked his lifted AirPods and started publishing troop movements.

A close-up on a pair of AirPods. A Ukrainian man was able to track his stolen AirPods via the Find My app
Stealing AirPods probably wasn't worth giving up troop position
Philippe via Flickr

A Ukrainian man was able to track both his looted AirPods and Russian troop movement using Apple’s “Find My” feature.

Per The Times of London, Ukrainian citizen Vitaliy Semenets was able to follow his wireless earbuds after they were taken from his home near Kyiv. When Russian troops retreated from that area earlier this month, Semenets traced the devices to Belarus and, eventually, near the city of Gomel.

Semenets has also displayed this info via his Instagram.

The Find My app can track Apple devices even when there’s no connection, when an ‌iPhone‌ is powered off or even when an ‌iPhone‌ has been erased; nearby devices securely send the location of the missing device to iCloud.

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