The Problem With Buying Pants Online, Solved

Free clothes from your favorite stores

By The Editors
July 15, 2015 9:00 am

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Great advice for Jedis. Not so great for your wardrobe.

Why commit to a shirt, shoes or jacket before you are 100% happy with it? (Why, ahem, “force” it?)

Answer: don’t. Instead, Try it.

Available now, the gist behind Try — a free add-on for Chrome — is simple: with one click and no commitment, you can shop your favorite high-end stores and test out their wares.

At home. For free. On your person.

The online stores are places you’d shop anyway: Zara. Barneys. J.Crew. And several more.

To use: After installing, go to an online store and pick an item. You’ll see a “Try For Free” box pop up near the “Add to Cart” button.

Click that, and you’ll get the item in 2-6 days at no charge.

From there, you’ll have 10 days to make a decision. What you don’t like, send back. Free shipping both ways.

What you do like: pay what you were going to anyway. Sales, coupons, etc. all apply.

To join, you’ll need an invite. Luckily, as an InsideHook reader, we have one.

Some free advice? Try it.

Nota bene: Today’s a good shopping day, if you’re online and that’s your thing. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and are essentially offering “Black Friday in July.” Meaning, ridiculous deals, zero-fee shipping, all that. Spend wisely, no trampling.

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