‘Swiss-Army Hammock’ Is Also a Tarp, Rainfly, Probably Your Biological Father

Its 'quick-draw transition' lets you move easily between modes

August 31, 2017 9:00 am

It’s never easy to prioritize the purchase of camping gear. Well: tent, sleeping bag, s’mores. Afterward, a slew of options await. 

Do you opt for the necessity of a ground cover? 

The practicality of a rain tarp? 

The leisure possibilities of a hammock? 

Difficult choices, all. Which is why it’s so great that we’ve discovered the Treeo, a product that does it all — if not simultaneously, than in easy succession. 

How? Thanks to its “quick-draw transition”: Basically, you pull on the right cords, in the right places, and you can move easily between functions. 

The Treeo is made from high-quality ripstop nylon: It’s lightweight, rainproof, and capable of handling up to around 500 pounds. Taped seams and triple-stitched edges will keep it in good shape. Two straps will help you pitch your hammock between trees. 

It’ll pack down to a size just slightly bigger than a 3-D piece of letter-sized paper, and at just 2.8 pounds, it won’t weight you down much. 

The Treeo will ship in December — which means that while it won’t be ready in time for the autumn camping season, you should get it in town to throw it in a duffel and spend your winter vacay in the Caribbean comfortably suspended between two palm trees. 

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