Tracksmith Wants to Outfit Your Summer Running With Curated “Bundle” Kits

Offering a 15% discount on the run-specific kits

August 11, 2022 12:37 pm
a tracksmith navy bag and blue tank top on grass

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Whether your interest in running skews four-minute-mile or couch-to-5K, any person brave enough to lace up and head out, especially in this heat, should instantly understand the necessity of good gear. Beat-up sneakers and any old activewear aren’t going to cut it — between the punishment of pavement, unexpected obstacles and obscene amounts of sweat, only gear actually designed to protect from chaffing, discomfort and injuries will do. That’s exactly why we’re so stoked about Tracksmith’s newest programming; now through August 31, the Massachusetts-based running boutique is currently offering 15% off curated Summer Bundles, specifically built to help you achieve your goals in impeccable style.

For those unfamiliar with “The Hare,” Tracksmith is one of the golden geese of the running world — a DTC label focused on elite performance via well-sourced fabrics and innovative designs. From marathon socks to race-day singlets, they’ve got everything and anything a runner needs to succeed (minus a well-thought-out training plan, perhaps), and are perpetually found in the summer running gear of professional runners and InsideHook staffers alike.

But back to the bundles. Currently, there are three of these kits are up for grabs, each at 15% off, given that you buy the entirety of said collection and use the special discount code associated with each (hint: it’s the name of the bundle). The distance training bundle, which features the impossibly soft Session styles— is hand selected for the long runs ahead, while the speed racer kit is best utilized on the track. There’s even an off-hours easy going bundle, for jogs over to the coffee shop. Regardless of what you choose, know that you’re in good (see: ultra-comfortable) hands with Tracksmith’s Summer Bundles.

a Distance Training kit with a dark grey shirt, navy shorts and green socks from Tracksmith on a gold textured background
Tracksmith/Ringo Sono

For the long run: Distance Training bundle

a Speed Racer kit with tank, short tights and socks from Tracksmith on a gold textured background
Tracksmith/Ringo Sono

For race prep: Speed Racer bundle

an Easy Going kit with a grey tee, navy shorts and socks from Tracksmith on a gold textured background
Tracksmith/Ringo Sono

For Sunday mornings: Easy Going bundle

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