The Official Bag of “Work Hard, Play Hard” Even Has Its Own Wi-Fi Signal

For the aspiring adult in all of us

By The Editors
April 7, 2016 9:00 am
The Official Bag of “Work Hard, Play Hard” Even Has Its Own Wi-Fi Signal
Melanie Riccardi

The leather backpack is the discerning college student of everyday bags: fast on its way to adulthood, but in no hurry to arrive there in toto.

It works hard. It plays hard. It classes up your sweats. It doesn’t look ridiculous with a suit.

And now it even comes with its own Wi-Fi signal.

Road-tested across six continents by a team of eight veteran travelers and commuters, the Venture Backpack from L.A. bagadoccios This Is Ground is made of vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather that’s soft to the touch but rugged on the road.

With enough space for a laptop, tablet, over-ear headphones, adapters, sunglasses, cords, flask and anything else you might need while on the go, the handmade Venture also has a built-in Bluetooth tracker from Tile, can be equipped with roving Wi-Fi powered by Karma and has a TSA-approved laptop tray that doesn’t require removal during security checks.

Available in toffee, whiskey, black, French grey and bomber, the $750 Venture starts shipping on April 15. (The Wi-Fi adapter is an extra $175.)

Not a bad way to start spending your refund.

All images via This Is Ground

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