Where Has the Tactical Spork Been Our Whole Life?

Behold: A deadly weapon you can eat creamed corn with

September 6, 2016 9:00 am

The key to any successful camping trip, the Boy Scouts of America and your cousin from Colorado will tell you, is preparation.

Take, say a hypothetical scenario in which you’re eating soup and pasta at the same time when all of a sudden a bear sneaks up on you. How the hell do you prepare for that?

Easy, mon frere: you arm yourself with the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork, an eating utensil that pulls apart to reveal a 2.5-inch serrated knife hidden within its handle.

The spork — which is made in the U.S. from a high-strength technical polymer called Grilamid FWA — has a locking mechanism in its handle to help avoid any accidental blade appearances. And while the 3-in-1 tool is already sold out on Ka-Bar’s site, you can still get it on Amazon for $15.50.

Never losing at Knifey Spoony again? Priceless. 

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