Finally, a Lightbulb That Plays Netflix

Ingenious new projector screws into any light fixture

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

Bright ideas are often symbolized by a light bulb.

Well now there’s a light bulb that can display your bright ideas. Or your favorite TV shows, for that matter.

It’s called Beam and it’s the Kickstarter-funded brainchild of a Dutch company. In essence, it’s a special LED light bulb that screws into any standard socket or plugs right into the wall.

Connect to your WiFi, and the Beam can project anything from Netflix to a company presentation or a Skype call on any flat surface. 

BeamWhy read? Watch a video. 1:11

Maybe you want to watch a cooking demonstration on the kitchen counter near where you’re chopping carrots, so you don’t have to look up. Or have the miracle bulb wake you up in the morning by projecting the news and weather on your bedroom wall.

At nearly $600, it is pricey. However, if you live in a small apartment or dorm it would certainly save you some space.

And of course, it’s highly portable. So rather than having one TV for your bedroom and another for the living room (and still others for the kitchen, the bathroom, the den…), just move the Beam from room to room and you’re good to go.

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