Finally, a Ski Bike Worth Endorsing

Introducing SNOGO: ‘A new way to winter’

By The Editors
November 16, 2015 9:00 am

Ways to get down a mountain in winter, ranked:

1) Ski. 2) Snowboard. 3) Toboggan. 4) Tumbling haphazardly with any combination of items 1-3 strewn out behind you.

New to the list for 2015: biking, care of SNOGO, a hybrid of skiing and downhill mountain biking now available for preorder. Ski biking is actually a concept that goes back 150 years. However, the SNOGO adds a “shred” element to your snow mix. A bit of BMX to your downhill travails, as it were.

Or, as the creators call it, “a new way to winter.”

The SNOGO is a stand-up alloy frame on three twin-tip skis, which allows you more access on the slopes to difficult terrain, as well as more control and stability. You’re not pedaling. You’re more along for the ride, with your body at one with the bike. You even stop the same way you would on skis, by transferring your weight to one side and carving a hard edge.

The bike weighs in at a svelte 32 lbs., collapses within 30 seconds using a single hand, and

the handlebars, fork, headset stomp plates, safety leash and skis themselves are interchangeable.

Plus, you can hook it on a chairlift.

Hey, the ride up is always the easiest.

Nota bene: Preorders for the SNOGO will deliver in January. Before you get one, here’s a list of ski resorts that allow ski bikes on their slopes.

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