The 10 Best Devices for Charging Your Phone

But they’ll never take … OUR BATTERY LIFE!

March 20, 2017 9:00 am

At the most basic level, you’re just looking to get through the day. Starting with your phone.

Forget bulky chargers and unwanted “Can you plug this in?” requests to bartenders (note: their job is to serve drinks, not electricity).

We just discovered PRSRV, a brand new charger that’s the size of a credit card … and, yet, you can use it on two devices at once and it prevents damage to your phone. Just launched, this wallet-friendly device actually attaches itself to a larger, more powerful power bank that you plug in at night.

“The device isn’t about change existing habits,” says PRSRV founder Hamza Ansar. “You just put PRSRV between your phone and power source at night as usual.”

That two-battery trick means you can take out the small charger for day trips and get a 30% boost. Or take out the larger bank for, uh, larger trips. Or give it to someone else to use at the same time you’re using the smaller battery pack.

It’s a compact, lightweight device with some nifty hidden advantages: the device actually cuts off electricity to your phone after it hits 100% charging (yes, overcharging degrades your battery and wastes energy … and therefore hurts the environment). Instead, it redirects excess power to the power bank itself. And it comes with three connectors in one box, so any Android, iOS or USB-C device is covered.

We saw a near-final prototype of PRSRV earlier this month; a Kickstarter campaign launches today for just $49 (50% off of retail), with delivery set for July.

Can’t wait that long to save your device? We also love these battery boosters:

PackLite Max Phone Charger: A packable solar lantern and phone charger that works as fast as a wall outlet. (Currently sold out, but there’s a wait list.)

Fermata Headphone Charging Stand: One less thing to worry about with this wireless headphone charging stand (with an additional USB port in the base for your phone).

Hello Nomad Wallet / Hello Nomad Key: Standard wallet size with greater-than-standard wallet power. The Hello Nomad uses lithium-ion battery tech and compact microcircuits to create 2400mAH of high-density iPhone charging power that’ll fit in your back pocket. Paired with its sister key ring, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never fall into the red.

FLI Charge: This rectangular charging pad, which is brand agnostic, can charge up to eight smartphones at time (or three tablets) without a noticeable dip in charging speed. Its power output of 40 watts is about 2-4 times higher than most wireless chargers. Perfect for offices or high-traffic areas of the house.

Eclipse: A handsome, compact device that charges your devices quickly, organizes your cable chaos and looks so good you’ll want to display it front and center.

Alldock: Speaking of looks, this multi-device docking station is certainly on par with the Eclipse for design.

BioLite CampStove 2: A smokeless camp stove that doubles as a device charger, now with 50% more power, an integrated battery and an LED dashboard.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand: A super cheap way (75% off right now) to dock and charge your phone, and yet still use it when you need it.

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