This Strap Can Turn Your Fingertips Into a Bluetooth Headset

Plot twist: The machines don't take over. We just become them.

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

Over the last two decades, the phone has transformed from a device we primarily use with our mouth and ears to one we primarily use with our hands. And if one new invention comes to fruition, that cycle may soon be complete.

Currently on Kickstarter, the Sgnl strap from Innomdle Lab is a smart wristband that allows you to make and answer phone calls by simply touching your ear. Seriously. Your smartphone/watch stays in your pocket.

The device works by directing audio to your ear via vibrations that run through your body. The mic, meanwhile is built into a band that gives you a seamless on-the-go experience. Best part? You can use the device as your actual watch strap.

We won’t say it’ll keep your phone in your pocket. Because, y’know, texting. But it will keep it off your face, which is probably a good thing, considering your phone is covered in more bacteria than your toilet seat.

Sgnl is currently crushing its Kickstarter. For more info, head on over the Sgnl website.

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