This New Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Smells. Pleasant Ones.

Rise to the scents of forests, beaches, freshly-baked cookies

June 5, 2018 9:00 am

Millions of us suffer from sleep disorders. The rest of us simply hate getting out of bed.

For both, we offer a novel rise-and-shine solution: the Sensorwake Trio, launching today.

The Trio combines sounds and light with pleasant scents — like delicious baked goods, or invigorating evergreens — to gently but efficiently get you about your day.

It’s actually the second olfactory alarm clock from the French startup Bescent, which launched in 2015 out of founder Guillaume Rolland’s garage (today, the company employees 15 people and has already won two CES Innovation awards). A “tri-sense” alarm clock, the Trio utilizes a three-step process to nudge you out of the dream realm.

The smell: Click in your preferred aromatherapy capsule the night before. The scents come courtesy of the 250-year old fragrance brand Givaudan, and each $5 cartridge last 30 days. They’re dry diffusions, so you won’t be dealing with liquids, mist or alcohol.

We were able to test a few out, and while they’re strong out of the package, they’re lightly diffused during the actual wake-up process (we liked tea tree, but Sensorwake offers everything from peppermint to freshly-squeezed orange juice … but still no bacon, which failed in testing during the first clock’s development).

After a minute, a calming blue halo light will glow in front of the device. Finally, a minute later, one of five preselected melodies/chimes will begin.

Perhaps defeating the purpose a bit, the Trio also has a snooze button. Still, on first impression, this is a handsome (dig the wood finish), tactile solution to man’s oldest problem: how to get his ass out of bed.

The Kickstarter launches today, with delivery in October.

Can’t wait that long to get out of bed? You could go for something a bit more high-tech like the Philips Wake-Up Light, which simulates sunrise. But what fun is that? Some more unusual get-out-of-bed options:

Flying Alarm Clock: The alarm launches this mini-drone clock into the air. It turns off when you catch it and return it to its dock.

Star Wars, The Inquisitor: The lightsaber glows and spins upon wakeup — and then the Sith Lord challenges you to a duel.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb: A multi-part device that blasts like an air raid siren (113 decibels!), flashes red alert lights and literally vibrates your bed.

You can find more wake-up options here.

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