These Modular Tents Zip Together to Create a “Super Tent”

It packs into a six-pound bag and comes with a built-in air mattress

June 11, 2019 9:05 am

Sleeping under the stars: sounds perfect in theory, but in real life requires a lot of equipment. In lieu of dragging around a tent, poles and sleeping accoutrement, RhinoWolf has decided to simplify your outdoor shelter.

RhinoWolf is a self-described “super tent,” or a portable, modular camping shelter that also features a built-in mattress and sleeping bag (which is technically more of a synthetic or heavier duck down blanket that zips into the bottom of the tent).


Both the original and now 2.0 version of the RhinoWolf were designed by Haim Ganz, a military vet and avid outdoorsman. “For years I would accompany groups of young people in nature. We in the training team were required to move our equipment many times, which led me to search for a better solution, something that would offer protection and mobility,” Ganz tells InsideHook.


As for what makes this tent super? It can connect to other RhinoWolves, creating a giant shelter to the size and capacity of your choosing. They zip together, and the extra fabric and loops lock the structure in while keeping out the elements.

For the upcoming 2.0 version, there are also two attachable flaps that offer added storage space or an extra shaded area, vents for better airflow and setup that takes just a few minutes — basically, you just unpack, thread a single pole through loops and secure the six anchoring pegs, inflate the air mattress and zip up the sleeping bag.

And it’s all transportable in one tiny, six-pound pack. Which makes it not only great for hikers but also cyclists, says Ganz.

Already well funded on Kickstarter (it’s over 20 times its funding goal after just a few days on the crowdfunding site), the colorful RhinoWolf tents start at $199, offering huge savings off the eventual $349 retail. The shelters ship in December.

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