We’re Not Saying You *Need* a Potentially Lethal Multitool on Your Keychain

But just in case ...

April 24, 2017 9:00 am

Todd Rexford is a pretty sharp guy.

After apprenticing in his father’s garage and then earning an engineering degree, the knife-show-attendee-turned-blademaker started his own cutting-edge company, Rexford Knives.

Since then, Rexford has been using hand files and grinders to create covetable folding knives, fixed blades and utility tools that are guaranteed for life like the multifunctional RUT V2.

Small enough to fit on a keychain and weighing in at under an ounce, the RUT V2 is made from titanium and features a standard razor blade, flathead screwdriver, pry bar and bottle opener.

It may look like a simple boxcutter, but EDC enthusiasts swear by this thing. Mostly because of its pared-down sensibility, straight-ahead practicality and indestructible make. With a lock bar that keeps its blade safe and secure, the cutting tool’s design makes it perfect situation where a sharp edge is needed. 

The RUT V2 is so popular, in fact, Rexford sold out of them, but we found some you can still buy here. Your toolkit will thank you.

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