Review: Baboon to the Moon’s Bags Have Us Excited to Travel Again

Their bold colors captured our attention, but their high-grade construction is what sold us

June 23, 2020 11:56 am
Review: Baboon to the Moon’s Bags Have Us Excited to Travel Again
Baboon to the Moon

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The issues I’ve had in past relationships are the same issues I’ve had with past travel bags.

As a notorious over-packer, I need my space — lots of it. I’m also a tiny human with an aversion to the weight rack, so I tend to struggle with heavy baggage. I need something reliable, durable and, of course, good-looking. But men, er, travel bags, don’t always check all of these boxes, and I don’t wanna waste my time and money on something that’s just not going to work out, ya know?

Especially because most of my traveling includes weekend trips or longer vacations where I simply don’t want to lug around a huge suitcase. So I need a duffel that can hold all of my crap but is easy to carry and isn’t completely hideous. It sounds like an impossible endeavor, and it was until I met the Baboon. And no, I’m not talking about a man.

I’m talking about Baboon to the Moon — an Interplanetary Adventure Operation that makes versatile and technical travel bags crafted from only the highest-grade materials that’ll “get you to the moon and back.” Next to surviving the apocalypse, these bags will also check off any “Instragrammable” requirements you may have, thanks to their bold color variants and unique internal designs.

While Baboon to the Moon makes a ton of stylish, well-built travel bags ranging from fanny packs to backpacks, their most popular item by far is the Go-Bags.

Available in Small (40L) and Big (60L), the duffel-like bags are made with a seriously indestructible OM Stardust Ballistic shell material secured with double-stitch construction, making them water- and sand-proof. The smaller pack has a 3-day packing volume designed for weekend getaways, fits in all airline overhead bins and meets TSA guidelines. While the larger bag is made for us over packers and week-long getaway-ers thanks to its 5-day packing size. Each bag also includes a secure zipper top closure, detachable and adjustable cushioned shoulder straps and a plethora of pockets.

I got to test out the larger version of the bag, as well as the brand’s Go-Backpack recently on a low-key week-long trip down to the Jersey Shore, where I abided by the proper social distancing guidelines. Anyway, here’s what I found:

Baboon to the Moon Go Bag

Go-Bag — Big (60L)

  • You can easily fit five days worth of clothes in this thing — and then some. Even though I knew I wasn’t going anywhere and would be lounging around in running shorts and tees the entire week, I just kept curiously adding more items to see how far I could go. I managed to fit a week’s worth of clothes, a pair of sneakers, a dopp kit, a tiny portable speaker, a bottle of shampoo, two face masks and self tanner with room to spare.
  • We love a bag with options! You can carry the Go-Bag four different ways: as a duffel, barrel, crossbody or backpack. If I had been carrying this bag for a longer distance, I definitely would have utilized the detachable shoulder straps which fit comfortably and make carrying 60 liters of stuff a little less painful.
  • The bigger Go-Bag includes four pockets —  two internal mesh, one internal organization and one external stow. I actually only used two pockets because so much fit in the main compartment. While the pockets aren’t considerably large, they still keep smaller items and dirty clothes separated, organized and easily accessible.
  • While I did not get a chance to throw this bag through the airport baggage claim ringer, it came back from the Jersey Shore in one piece, which is more than most of us can say. I did, however, throw it off my deck a few times. It sustained no injury and any dirt was easily wiped off.
  • The downside? The Big Go-Bag is currently not available in as many of the same bright colors as the smaller version. So if you really want that bold Tennis Ball Green or funky Creamsicle, you’re going to have to sacrifice a few pairs of pants.
Baboon to the Moon Go Backpack

Go-Backpack (24L)

  • First point: I really, really enjoy this backpack. I’m typically averse to using a backpack as an everyday carry because they remind me of middle school and thus seem a bit unrefined. But the Go Backpack is an acceptable option. It’s sleek, not bulky and easy on the eyes. Plus it’s made from a Cordura Nylon OM Supernova shell material, includes a bottom carbonite PU protection and has a DWR coating — so it can definitely handle your tumultuous daily commute.
  • Every pocket has a purpose, and that purpose is to keep you organized. The bag includes a larger external pocket on the front, a hidden stash pocket with a key clip near the bottom, one internal zip mesh pocket that helps easily access smaller items, six open compartment pockets, one internal stash pocket, an internal water bottle pocket and a padded laptop pocket that fits up to a 15″ Macbook.
  • The padded laptop holder also gives the backpack its firm structure, which for me, is the biggest takeaway. Even if you’re not carrying a laptop, the padding provides a flat backing that makes carrying super comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about anything in the bag jabbing you in the back.

So if you are in the market for a trusty travel companion you can debut at baggage claim once this is all over, I suggest going with the monkey.

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