They Made a Magazine About Your Life

Recently: A photo app that prints your story

By The Editors
September 21, 2015 9:00 am

Look, it’s a digital world. Which makes capturing life’s precious moments a little more ephemeral.

If the Internet shut down tomorrow, how many of your memories — in photographic form — would go with it?

Solution: Recently, a new app for iOS (Android soon) that will save your life. In magazine form.

Seriously. Every month, Recently takes the last 100 photos from your camera roll and bundles them into a high-end rag.

It’s like an ongoing yearbook to your life. Or the “anti-Snapchat,” as one Internet commenter called it.

Great for new parents or those vacation-bound.

The pics here are printed on thick, acid-free Mohawk stock. You can self-edit and rearrange pics with a couple of clicks and drags, and switch between half- and full-page images.

The final result looks totally pro, too: the mag’s designs are overseen by an award-winning art director from Martha Stewart and Real Simple.

Soon, you’ll be able to pull from individual photo albums for more thematic issues (based on our last 100, ours would be called Bourbon & Regrets).

And all for under nine bucks a month.

Your life’s quite a deal.

Nota bene: Some other great photo printing apps (free printed pics, Instagram posters, etc.) can be found here.

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