You Can Erect a Tent on This Inflatable Riverboat

Now where we can find a gambling license?

By The Editors
March 20, 2017 9:00 am

An entire day fishing on open water is one of the worst sun-lashing you’ll ever take. Think about it: you’re basically sitting in the middle of a giant reflector. Shade is key. The Raptor Platform XL gives you that, with 150 square feet of space for your cooler, rigs and — wait for it — a camping tent. The barge features four decks that connect via an inflatable tube, with plenty of D-rings to erect a shell-like tent or hitch up with kayaks or other Raptor boats. And while it’s not exactly lightweight (220 lbs. per square meter uninflated), the whole thing can back into a truck bed, so no trailer necessary.

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