Products of the Week: Neon Suitcases, Panera Merch and the Air Max 2021

The 15 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

July 17, 2021 5:04 am
Products of the Week: Neon Suitcases, Panera Merch and the Air Max 2021
Swim Soup

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: a limit-edition Neon collection from Rimowa, soup-themed swimwear and the latest addition to the Nike Air Max franchise.

Dr. Squatch

The Dr. Squatch Soap – Star Wars Collection

Dr. Squatch is bringing “a new hope to your soap.” This limited-edition collectors box consists of four unique bars of soap inspired by every one’s favorite space opera franchise: Only Hope Soap, Wisdom Wash, Dark Side Scrub and Ruthless Rinse. Each bar is sustainably sourced, made from natural oils and contains no harsh chemicals.


Rimowa Neon Collection

This week, Rimowa debuted a limited-edition Neon collection — a contemporary spin on their staple polycarbonate case, which “plays with light diffraction on translucent polycarbonate to eye-catching effect” — that is only available for purchase online. The collection features the ever-popular Cabin size suitcase in both Lime Yellow and Pink, transparent in design with matte black details and black mesh dividers inside, and with phone cases to match.


Harry’s Face Care

Men’s grooming brand Harry’s recently launched a new range of skin-care products featuring an alcohol-free Freshening Face Toner, a Brightening Eye Cream with seaweed and algae extracts, a Targeted Blemish Treatment designed to clear blemishes and reduce redness without drying your skin and a non-greasy, restorative and soothing Hydrating Night Lotion.


Away Packable

A backpack, carry-all and sling bag crafted from lightweight, water-resistant, recycled nylon — so they’ll survive the elements and most importantly, not take up a lot of room. Each bag here folds into a tiny zip pouch when not in use.


LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

A third-generation of Sony’s speaker that looks like either a lamp or a bong, the S3 is a wireless glass speaker with 360 degrees of sound and eight hours of battery life. It’s probably the only speaker you can set to “flickering candlelight” mode.


Bearaby Travel Napper

Ever wanted to take your weighted blanket on the go but can’t because it’s unfortunately an extremely heavy weighted blanket? Well, design- and sustainability-forward weighted blanket brand Bearaby is solving that problem with the launch of its new Travel Napper, a portable, carry-on sized weighted blanket that even comes with a handy (and good-looking) canvas tote. At 10lbs, the hand-knitted, 100% organic cotton blanket is perfect for in-flight naps, road trips and even serves as a convenient, comforting deskside companion.


Houseplant Gravity Glass

Leave it to Seth Rogen to make the fanciest, most sophisticated and least stoner-y bong we’ve ever seen. Building upon DIY gravity bongs from yesteryear, Houseplant’s version is crafted from amber or yellow glass and is meant to be put on display rather than hastily shoved out of sight. The colored, high-quality borosilicate glass and tapered silhouette are reminiscent of vintage, mid-century modern homewares, so your smoking experience will not only be peaceful but aesthetically pleasing. 


Scapegrace Black

A velvety black gin that turns red and purple when mixed with tonic? That’s a cool trick from this well-reviewed New Zealand distillery. If you’re wondering how the gin starts out as black, it’s natural and based on the gin’s botanicals (aronia berry, saffron, pineapple, butterfly pea, wweet potato, etc.)


Q Timex

Calling all Timex enthusiasts: the brand has just released two new two-tone Q Timex watches as they continue to expand upon the Color Series. The watches are available in black or off-white, the dials and bezels completely filled out in solid color rather than the usual split-bezel look of the previous styles released. Yet the most noticeable change to the design is the two-tone bracelet, made entirely from stainless steel and featuring a gold band running down the center for a look that’s simultaneously unique and classic. 


Vollebak Garbage Sweater

The overbuilt outfitter that brought you the Garbage Watch has now unveiled the Garbage Sweater, a fire-resistant layer made from — no joke — old firefighter suits and bulletproof vests that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. If that’s not tough enough, the designers at Vollebak say they took inspiration from the time Sylvester Stallone kept warm on the freezing set of Rambo: First Blood by slicing a hole in a piece of rotting canvas. This’ll cost you a bit more, though.

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson x Jason Momoa

Your typical Harley gear this is not. But a new clothing collab with Aquaman himself Jason Momoa may just be the unexpected kick in the pants the aging hog builder needs. We’ve got some familiar elements, what with the classic eagle logo and black-and-rust color palette, but there are also Hawaiian shirts, striped long-sleeves and a leather jacket lined with an aloha print. It’s worth a gander whether or not you’ve got a bike in the garage.


Nike Air Max 2021

If you’ve been anticipating the release of this year’s Nike Air Max, then the wait is almost over as the sneaker is finally set to be released August 5. Arriving in a “Ghost/Ashen Slate/Obsidian Mist” colorway, the Nike Air Max 2021 remains as futuristic as its predecessors, featuring a textured upper, laced tongue system and the bulbous neon green Air technology in the sole. 

Free Rain

Free Rain Pink Grapefruit & Maca for Arousal

Adaptogen-enhanced sparkling water brand Free Rain just launched its newest tiltilating flavor: Arousal. Containing Pink Grapefruit and Maca, this first-of-its-kind beverage claims to have “one full dose of pleasure in every can.” Yes it’s a sparkling sex water designed to “nourish libido, enhance sexual energy, and support hormonal balance.” Drink up.


Panera Bread Swim Soup Collection

Panera Bread released a limited-edition collection of soup-themed swimwear the chain restaurant says is inspired by the people who refuse to stop eating soup even in the devastatingly hot summer weather. The collection includes four soup-inspired swimwear styles, two of which boast a fun broccoli cheddar print, plus a pool float inspired by Panera’s delicious bread bowls. We offer our sincerest apologies to all you soup aficionados out there, though, because the entire Swim Soup collection has already sold out.


Garrett Leight x Frescobol Carioca Collection

Garrett Leight has teamed up with the Brazilian menswear brand Frescobol Carioca on a capsule collection of sunglasses and resortwear. Styles include already familiar pieces from each brand, like the GLCO Ace Frames and Frescobal Carioca Copacabana Swim Shorts, reimagined in beach-y patterns and colors that pay homage to the brand’s respective hometowns of LA and Rio de Janeiro. 

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