Gyms? With a Nesting Kettlebell/Dumbbell, We Don’t Need Gyms.

One device, 130 workouts

By The Editors
February 3, 2017 9:00 am

A key component to staying fit is keeping your workouts consistent.

That doesn’t mean you do the same exercise every day, but rather, that you exercise as often as possible. Which is a task easier said than done: occasionally, you’re gonna happen upon a day when the gym seems far and the couch inviting. The Practix, a combination kettlebell and dumbbell, is there for you on those days. It has six nesting discs that can be reconfigured into a whopping 130 different exercises.

With one singular, ingeniously designed device.

practix (3 images)

There are two handlebars inside that you remove to turn the Practix into a dumbbell. You can also use the discs sans the kettle or handlebars for exercises like Russian twists.

It might be the last weight-training equipment you buy.

And that’s something as easily done as said.

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