Why Yes, That Is a Flamethrower in a Backpack

We don't recommend trying to carry this one on

August 19, 2016 9:00 am

According to Molotov Mitchell, a chief instructor at the Triangle Krav Maga combat training facility, “there’s nothing quite like launching napalm.” He calls it “a must for your bucket list.”

Mitchell knows this because, on behalf of his students, he recently bought an X15 personal flamethrower.

Now you can, too.

The X15 Flamethrower from XMatter is a backpack-mounted recreational flame dispenser that can blast 60 seconds of non-stop fire a distance of up to 50 feet using a CO2 tank and gas.  

The 45-pound system comes with three wand tips that allow you to adjust the flame to your preferred size and range, and getting the party started is as simple as pressurizing the tank and pulling the trigger.

The unit’s base price is $1,600 and it’s legal in most of the U.S. (sorry, Maryland and California).

While the company points out the X15 has many practical uses (agricultural controlled burns, clearing snow and ice, incinerating pesky insects), we just wanna smell napalm in the morning.

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