Movable Mini-Fridge Comes When You Call It, Like a Good Boy Should

Welcome to the future of laziness

September 11, 2017 9:00 am

We’ve all seen what happens when owners train dogs to fetch beer.

But training a fridge to bring beer? Now that’s a different kind of dedication.

At this month’s Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, Panasonic unveiled a working prototype of a product called the Movable Fridge. The fridge — which was created to fit the theme of “A Better Life, A Better World” — got its name because, amazingly, it can come when summoned.

Covered in an acrylic-like finish, the square mini-fridge is not only voice-responsive, but also space-responsive, meaning it can avoid children, pets and elderly relatives while safely bringing its owner their food or beverage of choice.

Granted, the Movable Fridge seems painfully slow moving and won’t help get any of us off the couch, but it’s still pretty cool.

To see it in action, skip ahead to about the 1:00 mark in the clip below. 

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