Does Your Desk Have 200 Different Settings? Because This One Does.

NookDesk: An elevated, customizable take on the standing desk

July 31, 2018 9:00 am

Did you hear the one about the guy with the standing desk?

Of course you did — because he won’t stop talking about it.

While the health benefits of standing desks have been overstated, your office day would be vastly improved if you frequently switched between good-postured seating and standing tall.

Whatever your preferred position, NookDesk can help.

Just launched, this power-adjustable, tri-level desk allows for 200 different settings for standing or sitting — and it offers about twice as much workspace as the average setup.

NookDesk is a sister company to Xdesk and Evodesk, two standing desks you might be more familiar with. With Nook, you’re getting something that’s a little less intimidating: These are good-looking units that both affordable (starting at $500) and almost endlessly customizable to your aesthetic taste.

So besides choosing the amount of desk space you want — and how many extra levels/nooks of storage — you can choose wood type for your desktop, frame finish and a host of additional features, including power docks, monitor arms and anti-fatigue standing mats. If you want to go truly next-level, you can aso get a Harman Kardon multimedia speaker system with a downward-firing subwoofer installed.

The Nook can accommodate up to 250 lbs and rise up to 50” of maximum height. The digital controller allows you to move the desk position at 1.5 inches per second.

One caveat: Taking a stand is a bit of a workout. While the instructions for building the Nook are extremely straightforward and you only need a screwdriver and Allen wrench (which is included) to put the desk together, there are a lot of (ha) moving parts here; the review unit we received came in five different boxes — some quite heavy — and arrived with over two dozen different components.

But hey, a little daytime sweat will do you some good.

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