Nimble’s Phone Chargers Are Faster, Cheaper and Better for the World

They make nifty phone accessories with a noble mission

October 2, 2018 9:00 am

My entire day revolves around power.

As in, where and when I can charge my phone, earbuds and myriad other energy-sucking devices.

Which doesn’t leave a lot of time to think about the consequences of all your toxic batteries and chargers. Nimble is here to change that.

Their motto: Tech for good. Their mission: To make charging your devices easier, faster and better for the world.

Just launched, Costa Mesa-based Nimble (started by a few ex-Mophie vets) is a direct-to-consumer brand that fashions batteries and phone chargers from sustainable materials (recyclable aluminum, bioplastics, organic hemp) and adheres to a Supplier Code of Conduct devoted to workers’ rights and eco-friendly practices (like biodegradable packaging). For transparency’s sake, they also list all of their suppliers and why they chose each. Admittedly, their suppliers are in China, and while the packaging is much improved, that still doesn’t address, say, the toll global shipments take on the environment.

Still, one good mission at a time. And, as an online-only brand, you’re getting all of this for about half the price of what you’d expect — not necessarily from the cheapest brand you’d find on Amazon, but certainly a deal among big-name suppliers.

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Available now:

Portable power banks: Slim and capable, you can fast-charge (up to 3x as quick) four devices and get over a week of power on these chargers.

Wireless chargers: For all your Qi-enabled devices, including the new iPhones. Some nice touches here, including one fast-charger that folds out into a stand and a combo charge pad/wall charger travel shell.

Plus, an array of PVC-free USB-C cables and a dual USB wall charger that internally stores all your cables.

Some nice details, too: the texture on the devices’ grip comes naturally from mica crystals, and means the devices all look a bit different. And several of the items feature detachable, soft-touch storage straps for cable management, which magnetically attach to the bottom of the chargers.

If you want to switch to Nimble’s network, there’s one more advantage: each item you purchase comes with a prepaid return envelope, into which you can deposit your old devices and get them e-cycled for free.

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Help us recycle one pound of e-waste for every one product sold. Being better is a group effort. #techforgood

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