Report: Apple CarKey Might Work For More Models This Year

This could be big news

Apple logo
An Apple logo is seen on an iPhone.
Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

How do you unlock your car door? Twenty years ago, the default answer likely involved putting a key in a lock and turning it. From there, technology advanced; remote locking systems and RFID-based locks using key fobs became more and more common. And now, depending on the make and model of your car, you might well use your smartphone to access your vehicle.

That said, whether or not that works can depend on the vehicle and the phone. When Apple announced its CarKey feature, for instance, it only worked with BWM’s 5 series at first. (There are other ways to open a car with a smartphone, but Apple’s system allows you entry by swiping an iPhone or Apple Watch.)

That’s excellent news for iPhone users who also own BWMs, but left many others wondering when their car of choice might be included.

According to a recent report at Autoblog, the answer might be “later this year.” The article cites a tip from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, which states that Hyundai and Genesis could support CarKey by the summer of 2022. It suggests that CarKey could soon be much more widely available than it’s been — and it might well be the prelude to a further expansion of this functionality.

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