YETI Is About to Release a Submersible, Puncture-Proof Duffel Bag

‘Don't be afraid to give it hell.’

July 5, 2017 9:00 am

YETI, the insulation-savvy maniacs who already keep your beer cold and your coffee hot, have leveled their sights on the safekeeping of yet another one of your daily esentials: the clothes on your back.

Designed to withstand years of relentless abuse and thunderstorms aplenty, the Panga Duffel is Yeti’s first travel bag. Made from high-density nylon that’s been laminated for extra protection, the fully-submersible bag’s zipper is 100% waterproof and spans the length of the overnighter.

Able to withstand pokes from rocks in the road and errant fish hooks, the bag’s skin is highly puncture- and abrasion-resistant in addition to being waterproof. As YETI says, “don’t be afraid to give it hell.”

Yeti Duffel (4 images)

Equipped with easy-to-access mesh pockets, strong straps and stitching points and an EVA-molded-bottom, the bags are available in three sizes (50, 75 and 100 liters) and range from $300-$400 in price. YETI is also offering a new line of buckets that are equipped with many of the same features that keep its coolers ice-cold and intact during tough hauls. Perfect for your favorite cowboy, the LoadOut Bucket costs $40.

For more information about when both products will officially be released, sign up for updates from YETI here.

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