A Tinder Alum Just Launched a Swiping App for Job Searches

Maybe don't open with a bad pun on this one

January 10, 2018 9:00 am

Dating apps:

Love ‘em, hate ‘em, now single because you forgot to delete ’em — no matter your stance, they know what they’re doing. Tinder alone has more than 50 million active users, good for a valuation of $3 billion.

Now, a pair of former Tinder staffers (including the company’s original CTO, Ryan Ogle) are applying their swipe-and-save model to another one of life’s great uncertainties: your job search.

Ogle’s team has launched an app called Ripple, which employs the same swiping mechanism you find on Tinder. And in all honesty, it feels like a dating app. The only differences, beyond the fact that opening with a bad pun is less effective? There’s less emphasis on photos (one each), more emphasis on writing (think business cards by way of icebreakers) and you can connect your profile to your LinkedIn account.

Searching for a job is a bit like walking around aimlessly in this past week’s wind chill: it’s tough to keep going. To that point, Ogle’s app wants to encourage the same “shake it off” attitude Tinder brought to dating. Last one didn’t respond? On to the next one. There are also additional event and group features to make sure all that swiping has a chance to turn into something breathing and real. 

Just don’t go in for a kiss when you part ways.

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