Can This Inflatable Dock Withstand a Hurricane?

Of course not. But it is really strong, inflatably speaking.

May 12, 2016 9:00 am

Just in time for summer, a yacht-loving lad and lass from across the pond have come up with a pretty good way to relax when you’re feeling knackered.  

Chums, make aquatic acquaintances with the floating NautiBuoy Marine Platform.

Designed by superyacht industry insiders Nina Anderson and Clay Builder to provide yachtsmen and their guests with a way to repose at water level, Pimms Cup in hand and dry witticisms at the ready, the Nautibuoy is an inflatable platform coated with dual layers of Hypalon to protect against the elements and kept rigid and stable by a unique ballast system that was perfected over the course of four years of research and testing.

Translation: you won’t get bucked off when the wake from even super-er yachts comes tumbling by.

The easily stowable floats are outfitted with stainless steel rings and anchor points that can hook multiple platforms together, as well as a patent-pending air toggle system that allows multiple Nautibuoys to link their air chambers for functionality and safety purposes.

Available in four different sizes, the Nautibuoys can hold as few as four people and as many as eight. Inflation and deflation times vary, but all four models can transition states in under four minutes and be outfitted with ladders, headrests and comfort seats.

Although the platforms are intended for commercial yacht companies, Anderson and Builder can be contacted here about the possibility of direct-to-consumer sales.

Hope floats.

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