The ‘Mollusc’ Tent Opens Like a Clamshell, Awesomely

Let the light shine in.

July 21, 2017 9:00 am

Plenty of things in this world could use reinvention. (The NY subway system comes to mind.)

We did not realize until now that the standard zippable tent-door was one of them.

The makers of the Mollusc Tent compare its domed design to that of a shell (hence the name). Peel it back and you’ll get expansive views; close it down and you’ll get protection from the sun and wind. It takes about 30 seconds to convert the tents from one phase to the other, and they currently come in two sizes: the gargantuan 39-square-meter Standard or the 9-square-meter Nano 2 (the latter of which comes with integrated solar lighting in the frame).

Now at 23 and 450 lbs, respectively, these are definitely not trekking tents. Rather, they’re great for beach days, car camping and festivals.

One don’t even think about attempting a solo setup.

mullosc tent (3 images)

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