The Jack-in-the-Box of Budget Campers Is Here

The Airstream can wait for retirement. Until then, try this.

October 4, 2016 9:00 am

God bless those big ‘ol Airstreams.

They’ve got wheels. They’ve got beds. They’ve got Italian cabinetry and Corian countertops.

But unless you’re cashing in your social security and planning to make an Arizona zip code your permanent address, the Airstream can wait.

In the meantime, we recommend opting for something with just enough creature comforts to keep you dry, safe and restful out there —  something like the Journey Trail Basecamp from Free Spirit Recreation, which will let a fella set up just about anywhere four wheels can take him.

And you won’t need an airplane hangar to store it.

It’s a lightweight trailer that folds out to reveal a spacious, heavy-duty, nine-foot tent without compromising storage space. The Journey Pack mounts directly onto the included compact trailer and will hold up solid year-round. Inside, there are one and a half levels of sleeping room — plenty for a family or really given those post-hike legs a stretch.

For the offroading set, Free Spirit offers wheel and tire upgrades, as well as lighting, awning and annex options.  And unlike a mortgage-worthy Airstream, this little rig starts at just $7,470.

Sure, the journey is what the outdoors are all about, but this Journey is making the destination look mighty attractive to boot.

via Like Cool

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