Here’s a Rare Opportunity to Get Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Under $100

Anker’s new gift set is on sale, and comes with a charger

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This year, give the gift of music. And personal silence. 

Let’s explain. I have a few problems with my small, beautiful wireless earbuds — most egregously, people don’t notice them, so they start conversations without realizing I’m trying to shut out the world.

Also, they’re $300, and while they block out a lot of outside noise, they’re not technically noise cancelling.

To truly silence your environment at minimal cost, I’d suggest getting an over-ear pair of ANC headphones. And for that, I’d suggest the Soundcore Life 2 from Anker, on sale today for under $100.

The new Christmas Gift Set comes with a few extras — besides charging and AUX cables, it also features an airplane adaptor, travel case and a separate PowerCore5000 charger (a $20 value).

As for the earphones? The memory-foam ear cushions are comfy, though admittedly I find ’em a bit uncomfortable during summer’s hotter days . For winter, though? They double as good, makeshift ear muffs.

Getting quality, active noise cancelling for under three figures is near impossible. So while the sound isn’t Bose level, the cans actually do a nice job of shutting down outside noise … while serving as a big, noticeably visual reminder for others to leave you alone.

Anker actually has a ton of music listening devices on sale for the next two weeks, including the Soundcore Liberty Lite earbuds ($45, down from $65), the Soundcore Flare wireless speakers gift set ($60, down from $76) and the eufy Genie smart speaker ($40 with two smart bulbs included, down from $80).


Photo: Amazon

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