Based On This Apple Patent, the iPhone 13 Could Replace Your MacBook

Your phone would essentially double as the brains behind your laptop

A 2018 patent hints at an iPhone / MacBook integration
Vera_Petrunina / Getty Images

We’re not up to the iPhone 12 until fall, but we already know some things about the 13th iteration. And if a patent is to be believed, number 13 could be lucky for some Apple fans

For example: Apple may be positioning it to replace your laptop. And that position is the trackpad area of your keyboard.

As noted by Tom’s Guide (based off of reporting from Patently Apple), a 2018 patent filed by Apple shows off a smartphone slotted into a MacBook’s trackpad, with the phone then acting as the brains of a laptop and also still working as your trackpad.

This isn’t an entirely new idea — NexDock and Razer’s Project Linda (see above) are two prior smartphone-based laptop setups. But this is a first for Apple, and it follows recent news that the Cupertino giant will be switching to custom ARM-based chips in future laptops, which have a lot in common with mobile chipsets found in newer iPhones.

As for use case, Patently App notes:

It’s more like an alternative embodiment to the iPad Pro. For students, they’d now be able to work with Microsoft’s Office suite for iOS or iWork and be able to type on a full keyboard, visualize their documents like a MacBook and yet remain on iOS. It would amplify Apple TV for students in their dorms, allow them to play Arcade games and much more at a price students and emerging markets could afford (hopefully).

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