InsideCart: What Our Editors Bought in September

Including a Breville espresso machine, leather iPhone case and a vintage Gucci wallet

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Welcome to InsideCart, your sneak peek into what we, the discerning and ultra-picky editors of InsideHook, are adding to our own shopping carts each month.
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Welcome to InsideCart, your sneak peek into what we, the discerning and ultra-picky editors of InsideHook, are adding to our own shopping carts each month. Consider it your monthly insight into all things cutting-edge (or charmingly vintage) from your favorite cohort of taste-making product freaks. This month: a Breville for alt-milk folks, a handsome leather iPhone case and a tasteful Vintage Gucci that one of our editors has been searching for for months.

Paolo Sandoval — Commerce Editor

Despite getting irrationally annoyed by people calling themselves coffee addicts or rambling about how they can’t function without a morning cup of joe (Who can? Bring them to me.) I am myself quite the caffeine crusher, and came to the realization this month that, since I’m a big boy now, it was time to upgrade my dinky French press set-up to a more serious situation. Unfortunately, years of barista-ing through college have all but vacated my system, so opting for functional and easy felt like the correct move. Enter Breville’s Barista Touch Impress — with a built-in touchscreen, fully customizable grinder and bevy of bevy options including alternative milk-specific frothing software (all my macadamia ‘heads, stand up), it’s revolutionized my mornings. Not super cheap, but worth every penny of the investment. PSL heaven, here I come!

Lindsay Rogers — Associate Travel Editor

So this particular item would likely fall under the “best gifts for her” category, but it’s unequivocally that best thing I bought this month. Let me preface this by saying that I love the smell of sunscreen. A blend of coconut, other various tropical fruit and zinc oxide probably, it immediately signals summer to me. In fact, when one of my colleagues was sent Vacation’s Classic Whip SPF, I would occasionally apply a teeny amount — in the office, in December — just for the smell. When I found out that Vacation actually bottles that scent into perfume and that you can buy it (and for only $60!), I knew I needed it. And I was right. Touted as being “The Scent of Sunscreen and Swimming Pool,” it sparks an incredible amount of joy, and I plan to year it all year long.

Kirk Miller — Senior Lifestyle Editor

Apple wants to get rid of leather in its products for environmental reasons and we’re all for that. Unfortunately, their replacement material FineWoven is meeting with rather hostile reviews (unlike its iPhone 15, which I just got and so far have minimal complaints about). If you want something that’s going to protect your new phone and offer the tactile and aesthetic appeal of Apple’s older accessories, we suggest the new leather case from Mujjo, a Certified B Corp. It’s slim, MagSafe-compatible and the leather itself should age nicely with your phone (which, given the turnaround time for buying new iPhone models, means probably two years — which is Mujjo’s warranty duration as well.) The case has a nice feel to it and, unlike FineWoven, doesn’t seem to fray or scratch.

Amanda Gabriele — Senior Editor

I’ve been on the hunt for vintage Gucci goods for some time now, but the right thing just hasn’t jumped out at me. But during a Friday evening stroll in Williamsburg last week, I popped into a great newish store called Farfalla Vintage. And lo and behold, right there in the case was a gorgeous vintage Gucci card wallet. I was scared to ask the price, but because some of the leather is a little worn, it was a steal. I snagged it immediately and am head-over-heels. While The Real Real doesn’t have the exact version I bought, this Vintage GG Plus Compact Wallet comes pretty close.

Elisabeth Chambray — Director of Commerce and Partnerships

My skin has been on the fritz lately and is even angrier since I’ve been masking up again. I’ve tried pretty much every pimple patch out there and these are my favorite by far. They are super secure and they are great at pulling out impurities. I’ll probably stock up on more since there’s a deal on this bundle!

Logan Mahan — Commerce Editor

After purchasing a head of lettuce last weekend only to later realize I had thrown my janky salad spinner out a few months ago, I frantically purchased OXO’s famed spinner off Amazon Prime. I’m not exactly sure why I waited this long to get my hands on the kitchen essential everyone and their mothers are obsessed with (I make myself a salad almost every day), but I’m glad I finally did. The OXO spinner has a very simple, three-part design that includes a clear bowl (that’s great for eating straight out of), a colander and a secure top lid with a large pump that sends your lettuce and herbs on a rapid Tilt-a-Whirl ride till they’re dry. It’s fun to use, easy to clean and reasonably priced.

Mike Conklin — Editor-in-Chief

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this since it’s not scheduled to be delivered until tomorrow, on its release date, but I’m extremely excited about it. Southeastern was Isbell’s fourth solo album (after getting booted from the Drive By Truckers because of his excessive drinking and drug use, but it may as well have been his first. It’s an incredibly powerful collection of songs that are recorded impeccably — it marks the beginning of his creative relationship with producer Dave Cobb — and performed with a palpable sense of clarity and purpose. This 10th anniversary 4LP deluxe reissue features a remastered version of the original, plus demos and a live performance of the album from 2022. My only regret is that I thought I ordered the colored vinyl version from Isbell’s website, but I forgot, so now I’m stuck with the black one like an asshole.

Zoe de Leon — Editorial Fellow

A few weeks ago, I attended the paperback launch of Stay True, the memoir by New Yorker writer, Hua Hsu. Not only did I score some puffy cakes but I also snagged a second copy of the book. Earlier this year, Stay True made me laugh, tear up and text a bunch of my friends “I love you guys so much.” (Only to be met with replies of, “are you drunk?”) It’s a book about friendship and music, nostalgia and grief, college and growing pains. The way Hua Hsu captures what it feels like to be young, sense-making and self-indulgent is so casually beautiful. I’m excited to reread it (now paperback and Pulitzer awarded!) cozying up to the fall weather.

Olivia Sheehy — Graphic Designer

Transitioning from statement pieces to staples, these camel utility pants are perfect for fall, offering a sophisticated fit and a feminine twist on the cargo trend. They’re absurdly comfortable and come in all-neutral color options that can be dressed up or down.

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