Got $1M Laying Around? We Found You a Cigar Chest.

It took 100 craftsmen 18,000 hours to build it

By The Editors
October 23, 2015 9:00 am

What do you get the man who has everything?

If you have seven bills to spare, we have one idea.

The Emperador by Imperiali Genève, a stupefying work of art/opulence that took some 100 craftsmen from 27 different trades approximately 18,000 hours to make. Only 12 will be produced each year.

Its practical use: the care and feeding of cigars. The tools it relies on therefore include a three-flame table lighter, laser-guided guillotine cutter accurate to the millimeter, and climate-control mechanism that maintains 70% humidity at 16-18°C regardless of external conditions.

Inside, 12 gold-leaf-wrapped Grand Cru cigars in individual glass tubes encircle a 323-component Swiss tourbillon watch timepiece. The case itself is protected by a security code and unveils itself — Transformer-like — via a series of touch-activated sensors.

Manservants and concubines sold separately.

via Forbes

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