Use This Tool to Plant Your Garden or Kill Zombies or Both

Hunters and gatherers will like this

September 25, 2017 9:00 am

When considering the term “survival tool,” one’s mind generally conjures up visions of sharp objects that are capable of impaling bears, zombies and rogue s’more marshmallows.

However, while that image certainly isn’t wrong, it’s actually not the only one you should have.

Consider the Hori Hori (roughly “dig dig” in Japanese), a 14.5-inch stainless steel blade that doubles as a gardening tool because growing plants can be an essential part of survival too. 

Created by Barebones founder Robert Workman — the head of the same firm that’s come up with a number of other solid outdoors-inspired products — the tool’s blade is capable of cutting, digging and sawing, while its bamboo base can handle light hammering as well as be used to measure depth thanks to inch markings. No worries, there’s a bottle opener on it too.

Hori Hori (2 images)

“There’s a solid piece of steel running all the way through from the blade to the end,” Workman says. “That gives it the rigidity it needs to drive a half-inch steel bar into the ground. We put our heads together to think of the features that we would want and this is what we came up with.”

Delivered in a durable sheath that features a stainless steel belt clip and reinforced lining, the rust-resistant Hori Hori includes a five-year warranty.

Normally $50, Amazon’s currently got the unique tool for $40 for a limited time.

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