Want to Cheat at Climbing Everest? Sleep in One of These.

Or: How to get high in bed

November 3, 2016 9:00 am

Need some really good insights on getting high in bed? (No, not like that.)

GearJunkie recently interviewed the guys behind Hypoxico on their acclimatization tents, plastic bubbles that can be fastened to your mattress to simulate the air conditions of elevations up to 26,000 feet.

The most obvious benefit here is for adventurers looking to summit massive mountains. Traditionally, climbers have to spend around two months at altitude to get acclimated — and in these days of hustle bustle, who has time for that? You get the idea.

A second practical application: endurance training. Training in a higher altitude will increase your performance, and Hypoxico also makes masks for folks to use at home. As pointed out by GearJunkie, though, that use case begs a serious ethical question for professional athletes:

Does sleeping in an artificially enhanced environment constitute cheating?

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