10-Minute Countertop Dishwasher Requires Zero Plumbing, Effort

It's also a sous vide. If you're into that kind of thing.

January 10, 2018 9:00 am

Yesterday, your humble correspondent saw one of his officemates bathe a small dog in the communal kitchen sink after quietly whispering, “Just let it happen, bro” into the poor pooch’s ear. We have since started taking up two separate collections: one raising funds to move into another office, the other to buy the dumb dog owner a Tetra.*

Just unveiled at CES by Heatworks, the Tetra is an compact countertop dishwasher that requires no plumbing and instead executes 10-minute, half-gallon cycles. Once connected to a standard electrical outlet, the portable dishwasher uses graphic electrodes in one compartment to heat the tap water that’s been loaded into another. A third compartment houses the grey water and detergent you use during the wash cycle.

Since the countertop dishwasher can be controlled using its companion app, owners can adjust water pressure, cycles and the amount of time they want their lobster cooked remotely. Huh? Yep, the Tetra’s advanced electric controls mean that it can also function as a sous vide cooker.

“This allows for a more precise temperature control temperature,” according to Heatworks. “You can easily sanitize baby products, wash plastic storage containers without melting, cook seafood, clean fruit, or run a load of wine glasses on a gentler cycle.”

Priced at $300, Heatworks plans to release the water-saving washer for purchase in late 2018.

*We were upset. It was gross. We do not actually condone putting dogs (or cats) in the Tetra.

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