No Service in Them There Hills? This Doodad Sets Up a Private Network.

The Gotoky harnesses radio where cell signals don’t travel

September 22, 2017 9:00 am

When your mobile phone loses coverage in the city, it’s inconvenient but you can manage.

When your phone loses coverage in the country, it’s annoying but you’ll be back to the city soon.

When your phone loses coverage in the middle of nowhere, it’s dangerous — and it could mean you won’t be making it back to the city or the country anytime soon. Unless you have this …

Designed to provide emergency coverage in off-the-grid areas that lack service, the Gotoky is able to harness license-free radio frequencies to enable iOS and Android to create their own mesh networks and make calls, send texts, access navigation tools or activate an e-beacon.

Created by Denis Loncar after he was injured hiking in the mountains, the Gotoky requires no cellular infrastructure or satellite and instead relays data via other Gotokys in the user’s area. (It’s worth noting the Gotoky is more effective and has more range if more of them are around.)

“Gotoky is perfect for active outdoor people to connect and feel safe in places where they used to be completely isolated and people who live in remote areas,” Loncar says. “We really want to make this world more connected and safer, and the Gotoky offers any smartphone user an easy and affordable way to make sure they always have a signal, especially in case of emergency.”

Anticipated to start shipping in April, the Gotoky is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $66.

Here’s more from the company:

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