Glampique Will Install Fully Furnished Luxury Tents in Your Backyard

It’s glamping made even easier (and not that expensive)

May 7, 2019 5:57 am
A fully-furnished luxury tent for $20,000? They'll even install it for you. (Glampique)

You can appreciate the great outdoors without “roughing it.” These two things are not mutually exclusive.

As proof, we present Glampique, the first company that sells, delivers and installs luxury tents anywhere in the U.S.

Glampique was started by David Levine, a glamping vet who, fun fact, was a professional saxophonist in a previous career. “I’ve been setting up glamping hotels and pop-ups across the country since 2014, when the concept was still relatively unknown,” Levine tells InsideHook. “Over the years, I spoke with people who wanted a glamping tent in their backyard or at their hotel but weren’t sure where to start. I wanted to make it easy.”

Glampique interior

The fully furnished tents offered by Glampique can be set up anywhere in the U.S. for $20,000 — no assembly required. By comparison, a trailer or cabin could cost 3-5 times as much.

These are 12’ x 18’ luxury canopies designed to be “equal parts artistic statement and refined lodging experience.” To that end, the tents are an updated take on an African safari tent: Vaulted 10-foot ceiling, asymmetrical design, a covered porch with full screen door, five large screened windows. They arrive with a king-sized bed (with memory foam mattress), a four-drawer dresser, couch and ottoman, bedside tables and outdoor chair, plus everyday necessities like a garbage can, charger, battery-powered light, mirror, clock, fire extinguisher and flashlight. The tents are built for four-season use, but you’ll be able to pack them up in the winter.

Bonus: As Levine notes, Glampique is great for landowners looking to add vacation rental income, or for campgrounds and hotels getting into glamping.

But back to the roughing it part. Levine, who’s traveled to 60 different countries and across 20 by bike, has no qualms about making camping a luxury experience.

“Glamping makes the outdoors accessible to more people,” says Levine. “And enjoying the sunset, breathing fresh air and staring at the Milky Way are way more captivating than anything you can stream on your phone.”

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