Facebook’s New Tool Makes It Spectacularly Easy to Ignore Your ‘Friends’

You're not required to listen to everyone's opinions

December 15, 2017 9:00 am

I have a “friend” on Facebook who I despise. The ultimate “get off my lawn” kind of poster, who complains mightily about today’s music, millennials, etc. Nothing original, nothing positive, mind you. 

Facebook’s algorithm, however, interprets what might be a quick hate-read as interest in his updates, and now seems to thinks I LOVE this guy. His asinine posts are always the first posts I see, even though I’ve only replied to one once.

Problem is, he’s a publicist who I occasionally interact with. And he works with a few clients I like. So we should probably stay quote-unquote friends. Life in the age of social media.

A good solution is here: Facebook just officially launched Snooze, an option that allows you to unfollow a person (or page or group) for 30 days. You’ll find this handy blocker on the right corner drop-down menu on your friend’s posts

They’ll automatically come back after a month (it IS called Snooze), but a little respite could go a long way in saving a beneficial relationship.

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