Tesla’s Solar Tech Is Coming to a Home Depot Near You

The brand will be in stores come July

February 5, 2018 9:00 am

It’s never been hard to spot an Elon Musk devotee.

Even easier now they’re all wearing the same hats and carrying flamethrowers.

But now the sustainability tycoon is testing the mainstream waters, as his company Tesla is bringing its solar energy products to Home Depot.

That’s according to Bloomberg News, which reported the company “is beginning to roll out Tesla-branded selling spaces at 800 of the retailer’s locations.”

Got a Home Depot near you? Expect these installations, thankfully manned by Tesla’s own employees, in place by July. More of a Lowe’s man (or woman) yourself? Bloomberg reports talks are happening with the other home improvement superstore, but nothing has been finalized.

This first foray will feature both their camouflage-like solar panels and home battery known as the Powerwall, but the much hyped Solar Roof is on the backburner for now.

There’s no doubt Musk has whipped tech bros and sustainability advocates into a fervor with his Tesla semi trucks, SpaceX exploits and the like. But championing solar energy, an industry undergoing uncertainty due to new tariffs, inside the largest retailer of its kind is going to be an uphill battle — though, undoubtedly, a noble cause.

Gimme one of those hats. I’m rooting for Musk.

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