Bulletproof Samurai Helmets. That Is All.

Your inner 12-year-old will thank you for this one

September 21, 2016 9:00 am

Before we get any further, let’s establish something: no man needs this bulletproof  samurai helmet. (Unless you’re, I dunno, vacationing in Aleppo or planning to streak the local shooting range.)

But this isn’t a conversation about utility. This is a conversation about dreams, and fulfilling them.

On the surface, the Devtac Ronin Mask is a fan-regulated, anti-fogging, polycarbonate-lensed piece of tactical headware capable of protecting your noggin from a .44 magnum. It’s like a paintball helmet, except for bullets. The kind that kill people.

Again, that is probably not something you need. If you were to wear it in public, strangers would think you are weird and call the police and you’d get in trouble.

But look beyond the practical and really consider the Devtac Ronin Mask. Does it look familiar?

Of course it does. Every man in America who ever played Halo or read a Tom Clancy novel has already worn this helmet — it just happened to like an overturned colander to everyone else.

Look, we’re not recommending you buy this thing (although if you want to, prices are available upon request). But take a minute to appreciate it. This is the pure and unfiltered distillation of your inner 12-year-old’s daydreams.

Do it for him.

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